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Exactly one month ago I turned 30.  Yes, I'm a little late in writing this post but I wanted the dust to settle a bit.  As of present, I am closer to 40 than to 20.  Sigh.  Though my birthday was really just another day, I didn't think it would have the impact on me that it did.  I've realized that there's one phrase that will never come out of my mouth again: "when I grow up..."

I don't feel like a "grown-up."  But it's official.  I am a full blown adult.  I am living in the "when."  Make no mistake, I was yanked out of my 20s kicking and screaming like an unfulfilled kid in a candy store.  But, it's not the end of the world.  In fact, fighting aging is a battle I have no shot at winning.  So I must embrace it full throttle.  And you know what?  It gets better!  When I look back on the last ten years I can say that I have grown leaps and bounds in every area of my life.  Where I am now isn't exactly where I thought I would be, but it is where I need to be.  Where we need to be.  I will not freak out about all of the brilliant people who have accomplished more than me by 30 because what I achieve is far less important than what kind of person I am.  We’re all on different time lines and need to realize that life isn’t a race.  God is writing the story of our lives and I wait with anticipation for what's to come.  My best days are not behind me, they are ahead of me!

So with that said, let me briefly share with you how we celebrated the big day.  After working all day, my sweet husband took me out to dinner at Zydekos and we enjoyed our meal outdoors on the front patio.  We had some wine to celebrate and the waitress didn't even ask for my id!  Seriously, I am always carded but for some reason I wasn't on the day that would have made me feel better if I was!  Ha!  Guess I am looking more my age...

Since I had to work that Friday we decided to have a quick outing that weekend and cheer on the athletes competing in the Oregon Summer Crossfit Games at one of our local high schools.  A lot has happened this Summer and I need to update you readers but the husband and I joined a crossfit gym and we are loving it!  We've been going for about two months now.  Anyway, these men and women are beasts.  It was awesome to watch.  You should go on youtube and search for crossfit competitions (search for crossfit regionals or the crossfit games).  The competitors are amazing.

A couple weekends later we visited my side of the family for more celebrating!  For my birthday, my parents surprised us with football tickets to the opening Duck game and it was a blow out!  After the game we enjoyed dinner with my family and my husband surprised me with a chocolate fudge cake for dessert that was to die for from Sweet Life, the best bakery on the planet.  And bonus, it was gluten free, dairy free, and egg free!  Delicious.  Afterwards we relaxed next to the nice outdoor fire pit in the backyard.  Wish I had taken more photos but I don't trust my cell phone anymore.  Wish we lived closer to my family and maybe some day we'll move back.

Hopefully soon I'll be posting about our Summer family vacation we had at the coast.  Happy Sunday all!  Make it a great day!


  1. Jules, you look beautiful!!! Happy (late, late, late...belated...) Belated Birthday! 30, flirty, and thriving... ; )

    1. Hahaha! 30, flirty, and thriving. Love it! Miss you friend! Phone date soon!?!


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