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Our Staycation Recap

If you asked my husband, he'd tell you it was one of the best vacations he's ever had.  If you asked me, I'd tell you that I've had better.  Everyone decompresses and recuperates differently and I need to keep in mind that my husband and I are very different in that respect.  He likes to do very minimal activities, if any at all on vacation, and I like to cram in as much activity as I possibly can to really maximize our time we have off from work.

Out of the entire week that we had scheduled off for vacation, we only had parts of two days with good weather.  Central Oregon is known for sunshine 300 days out of the year but the weather was pretty terrible almost the entire week, including rain and lightning and thunder.  So, I had to be real flexible with our plans and cancel some of our activities.  Having said that, we did try and get out of the house when we had sunshine.

To start off the vacay, we visited some family to celebrate Father's Day and our niece's 10th birthday!  She had a swim meet that weekend so we were so happy to be able to see her compete!  She did a great job and we are so proud of her!!!
As part of their Monday ritual, hubby went fishing with his dad and brother and then enjoyed some weekly anime.  He didn't catch anything but still really enjoyed the family bonding.  Since I was home studying and puttering around the house, we didn't get any photos of him fishing.  We also cleaned the house...and went grocery shopping.  I know, how exciting can we be!?!  For part of one day we were able to head outside and enjoy the outdoors and hiked all around the bottom of Smith Rock and then went up to the summit.  It only took us about an hour and a half and we had a great time.  Since we had to wait for the weather to get nicer, we ended up doing it later in the day so there weren't many people on the trails.  It was SO nice!!!
The rain came pretty quickly after we finished hiking so we decided to head to the movie theater and watch the new Superman movie in 3D!!!  It was seriously one of my absolute favorite superman movies to date!  Not sure how they can top that one!!!
We took a walk up around the bottom of Pilot Butte just to get our pup some exercise before the rain hit again.
And we also explored a backyard farmer's market!  We were a bit disappointed but it was still nice to see what they had to sell.
On the second to last day of our vacation, we enjoyed a brief moment of sunshine and headed to Suttle Lake to go kayaking.  It was our first time using a tandum kayak and it was great!  Usually we get the singles but they didn't have ones available at the time when we tried to rent them.  We signed up for two hours but after an hour or so we came back to shore.  It was just so windy and a bit chilly to be on the lake.  You know when you are rowing and the water drips on your legs as you move your ore from one side to the other?  Yeah, we were a bit cold.  But we had some nice photos.  Look at all of those clouds!
Isn't he so handsome???
So that was our little staycation.  Wish we had better weather but we still very much enjoyed each other and did a ton of relaxing.

Before you go, I want to share one more little photo that is very special to us.  The following weekend after our staycation, we went over the mountains and visited our family for my nephew's 3rd birthday.  It was a short one day trip and we were so happy to celebrate another birthday!  Gosh, he is growing up so fast!  Isn't he a ham?  And so smart and crafty!  He asks the most intelligent questions about life and how the world works.  It is amazing coming from a now three year old!
Happy Friday all!  I have a new little DIY project which I am excited to share with you hopefully later today.  Make it a great day!