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Mother's Day Weekend

What a nice time we had together with my side of the family for Mother's Day.  On the day of, we also celebrated my Grandmother's birthday, turning 87 years young!  Usually I take a lot of photos to remember events but lately I have been very untrusting of my camera phone so I haven't taken many.  Wow, actually I took two photos this trip and neither of them included any mothers or a birthday girl.  Sad.  I'll have to request some from the fam.

On our trip over to my parent's home (3 hrs away, over the mountains and through the woods) we were first responders to an SUV flip.  As we drove by I took a double take to make sure I saw what I saw.  Yes.  A flipped car and an older gentleman crawling out of the passenger window.  We pulled over and hubby jumped out to help.  A neighbor had heard the accident and called 911 before we got there.  Please people.  Don't swerve to miss hitting a deer, it could cost you your life.  Thankfully the driver was okay with just some broken bones.  Sigh, it could have been so much worse...

In the afternoon, my Mom, hubby and I dropped by my Grandma's apartment briefly to say hi before we took our pup for a walk along the Willamette River.  We sure enjoyed some great weather.  I think it was roughly high 70s, maybe low 80s?  It was great.  The pup didn't last very long, I think due to the heat, so we meandered back to the rig and got her hydrated again.  Since hubby doesn't last very long shopping, us girls dropped him off at the house while we enjoyed some retail therapy.  Actually, we didn't end up buying anything but it was fun to go shopping together!  When Dad came home Saturday night (he had been working that day), we enjoyed some delicious dinner and good conversation.  We sure miss them and hope to some day live a bit closer than 3 hours away.  Don't get me wrong, 3 hours is a short distance and I'm so glad that we're not a long flight away.

On Mother's Day day, we enjoyed a lovely brunch at The Country Inn with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, nephew, and grandmother.  The actual estate and property is used as a wedding venue and an event center and open to the public for special holidays such as Mother's DayWe also celebrated my Grandmother's birthday on Sunday and took a walking tour around the property.  Here is a photo of my almost three year old nephew sitting near the pond.

He requested that Grandpa come and sit next to him for the photo.

And those are the only two shots I took the entire weekend!  And they're terrible quality!  Makes me want to cry!

Since Mother's Day was their first sort of kick-off event of the season, the grounds hadn't yet been thoroughly maintained.  But I can imagine once the flowers bloom and everything is manicured just so, it will be gorgeous.  Here is a collage I found from their website.  Beautiful.

To Mom, who is my most consistent blog reader, I thank you.  I thank you for being you.  For your sweet friendship, for your sacrifice, for your thoughtfulness, for your love, and for your support and encouragement.  You have been such a blessing to me and I hope to someday be half the mom to my kids that you are to me.  Much love, xoxo.

Happy Mother’s Day means more than flowers and gifts. It means saying thank you for everything.  Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there!!  Thank you for all that you do.