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Our weekend in Cali

Last weekend we had the chance to go and visit hubby's grandparents in Northern California.  We hadn't seen them since the wedding almost four years ago and the visit was way past due.  All in all we drove roughly twelves hours in just two days but it was so worth it.  They were so sweet and hospitable to us and we are so grateful to have them in our lives.

So sad though.  Most of the photos I took of the weekend didn't turn out well.  Eeek.  Time to start using (and learning how to use) my real camera, not just the camera on my phone.

On our way down south, we stopped for some food in Klamath Falls at the infamous Wubba's BBQ Shack. husband can't stop talking about this place.  When he would travel down there for work from time to time he would always eat at this restaurant.  Finally I had the chance to visit and experience WUBBA'S.  The food was good, but nothing spectacular for me.  Your plate though is served heaping with food and the price is very reasonable.  I love his face in this photo.

We arrived in Redding in the late afternoon and just missed the Kool April Nites car show.  So we walked around town and visited some beautiful cars parked at various hotels and restaurants.  We had the chance to speak with some of the car owners and that gave us more ideas for our '71 Mustang.  Hubby's grandmother was so patient with us and sat in the car while we dilly-dallied around.


For dinner they had made reservations at View 202 for all of us.  What a nice restaurant overlooking the Sacramento River!  It was a beautiful Saturday night (ahem, clear blue sky, sunshine and 83 degrees in April) so we enjoyed our dinner on the outdoor patio.  What a nice and relaxing time we had there!  And the food was delish.  I ordered the cabernet braised short rib and it was perfect.  Perfect.  12oz. bone-in beef short rib with a cabernet demiglaze, whipped yukon gold potatoes, and butter glazed baby carrotsYummmmmm.

After dinner we took a drive around town and ended up watching the sun set over Whiskeytown Lake.  What a wonderful evening we had together.

Sunday morning we attended second service at Bethel Church where hubby's grandparents attend and what an experience that was!  Let me just say that hubby and I both commented that that was the best church service we had ever been to!  WOWThey are raising up leaders and making disciples for the next generation.  God is reaching people and truly changing lives from all over the world through outreach from this churchThe worship was powerful and dynamic.  What a truly amazing atmosphere.  After service we really felt refreshed and rejuvenated.  Our perspectives have changed and we are looking to the future with different eyes.  God is so good.

After church service we took a drive and had brunch at the gorgeous Anselmo Vineyards.

Again, the weather was perfect (sunshine and 85 degrees) so we enjoyed brunch on the back patio overlooking this lush pond and the wedding pavilion.  Check out the gorgeous chapel.  For brunch I ordered the Spinach Mango Salad and a Mimosa.  HelloBaby Spinach (a heaping TON of it), Feta, Roasted Almonds, Mango, Sundried Tomatoes, Honey Almond Dressing.  Oh my goodness.  One of the best salads I've had, hands down.

Here we are back at Grandma and Grandpa's home heading out.  What a short but great weekend we had.  Hopeful for more visits in the future.  Obviously we are from Oregon with our beautiful pale skin!  :)  Goodbye palm trees.  You will be missed.

We feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to take a weekend and head south to visit our family.  It was so needed.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend.  Take care.  Happy Sunday!!