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Our weekend in Cali

Last weekend we had the chance to go and visit hubby's grandparents in Northern California.  Wehadn't seen them since the wedding almost four years ago and the visit was way past due.  All in all we drove roughly twelves hours in just two days but it was so worth it.  They were so sweet and hospitable to us and we are so grateful to have them in our lives.

So sad though.  Most of the photos I took of the weekend didn't turn out well.  Eeek.  Time to start using (and learning how to use) my real camera, not just the camera on my phone.
On our way down south, we stopped for some food in Klamath Falls at the infamous Wubba's BBQ husband can't stop talking about this place.  When he would travel down there for work from time to time he would always eat at this restaurant.  Finally I had the chance to visit and experience WUBBA'S.  The food was good, but nothing spectacular for me.  Your plate though is served heaping with food and the price is ve…

Modern kitchen counter stools and why we chose them!

Ok, so I promise we're not made of money.  The lamps I shared with you last week were purchased six months ago and I have been oooing and aaawing over these here stools for much longer than that!  Seriously, I am in love with these stools.  They are actually a replica from Tolix made in France (which run between $250 and $300 a piece) and since I am pretty cheap, I hummed and hawed for months and months before I decided to just take the plunge and order the replicasonline.  Introducing the Tabouret Metal Counter Stools (set of 2) for $89.99 from Overstock.  Don't you just love all of the fun colors!?! source We purchased two sets of two in the "metal" color which looks more like a shiny grey rather than a metallic finish.  The stools are super sturdy and I believe well-made, for the price, and I am super satisfied with them!  Hubby isn't sold on them exactly since they don't "match" our kitchen but that is kind of the point.  I have wanted to moderniz…