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Pup got attacked by a stick!

True story.

As I enter the house on my lunch hour today, I see hubby at the sliding glass door on his cell phone.  So naturally I go to greet him and discover blood all over the back patio.  As I approach the door I see our dog, (chest, paws, and nose) soaked in blood.  Trying to stay calm, I wait for hubby to get off the phone (hearing the convo with the vet) and inquire about what I had missed this morning.

Hubby had been playing fetch with the dog and when she went to retrieve the stick, she misjudged the location of it and the stick got completely lodged way up inside her nose!!  The hubs had to use some tweezers to yank it out.  The dog was traumatized and clearly in a lot of pain.

So, off she went to the vet and was given some antibiotics.  She is now confined to her crate for the next few days and we're keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn't sneeze for the next week.  The chances are not in our favor but one can hope.  Poor thing.  She looks pitiful.  Here is the culprit.
Hoping your day was less painful than our dog's day!