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Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets!

Tonight I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets and got rid of foods containing gluten and/or dairy.  I went grocery shopping last night and purchased a lot of fruits and veggies (and rice and beans and potatoes...), and though I feel a little bit like a rabbit, I am excited to continue and follow through with my goal of living a gluten free/dairy free lifestyle.  A few weeks ago I had gotten rid of a few items here and there but tonight I really "gutted" the shelves.  It's great because now hubby and I can see everything that we have on the shelves and won't need to dig to find something.  Did you know that we had four, yes four large containers of salt!?!  It's true.  And two of the containers expired in 2008!  Yes, I did just type that and yes I am embarrassed!  We actually had to throw a lot of food away and I was sad to let it go.  Below is the food we are donating to our local food bank.
Ooops, sorry for the blurriness...!!