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Six weeks of crazy

Wow, has it really been six weeks since I've blogged?  It has been so busy 'round here so let me just catch you up.

We had a few birthdays and celebrations in our family:  Dog, Sister in law, mother, brother in law, mother in law

A late night medical scare with our dog.  She's okay now.

We had our first snow of the year in October!

We helped move my Grandma and were so blessed to be gifted with her beautiful dining room table and chairs!

My parents visited us for the weekend from out of town!

We have watched every Duck Football game and are still fans even when they let us down.

I took a food sensitivity panel and am awaiting the results.

Halloween was spent here sick at home and Thanksgiving spent with my side of the family.  I won't mention then that I just got sick after Thanksgiving...We had some great time together and enjoyed shopping and watching the Civil War game.  Not to mention the FOOD.  I think I gained five pounds in two days!  Ha!

We had a great Thanksgiving Family Photo Shoot and are eagerly awaiting the final shots.

We got ourselves new snowboards, boots and bindings so that we're ready to hit the slopes this winter!

And believe it or not I haven't done ONE diy project!  How can that be?  Don't worry that will change very quickly!  I have a diy outdoor wreath on my project list and will be posting as soon as it's done.

And last but not least I got bangs!!!  The first real bangs since I was little and I am LOVING them!  Couldn't be happier!

More to come later.  Happy Sunday! xoxo