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Not For A Moment

Wow, happy Monday!?!  Yes, but it wasn't just happy.  It was joyful.  For the first time in a long time I had joy in my heart.  At church yesterday Pastor John spoke about joy vs happiness.  What a perfect reminder it was for me.  Amazing.  But why am I surprised?  God's timing is perfect.  It was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.  God spoke to my heart and revealed some things in my life that need some attention.  Some attitudes.  Some thought processes.  Some misconceptions.  Some fear.  Some anger.  Some unforgiveness.  Some doubt.  I can't compromise and let circumstances guide me.  Joy isn't based on circumstances it's based on Jesus Christ.  Joy isn't based on chance it's based on choice.  No matter what I go through (problems in marriage, problems at work, financial struggles, health issues, etc.), I can be full of joy because I know that God has a plan for me (Psalm 50:15) and a purpose (Romans 5:2).  God is with me (Isaiah 43:2).  God will help me (Psalm 43:5).  He will never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:8).  What peace and hope we have in the Lord (Romans 5:1-11)!

There is a song I heard on the radio this weekend that was just so fitting for me and I wanted to share it with you.  It's titled "Not for a moment (After All)" by Meredith Andrews.  Through this song the Lord has been ministering to my heart and I pray it ministers to yours and encourages you.
The first video is a live version and the second is an in-studio version.
Verse 1 You were reaching through the storm walking on the water even when I could not see in the middle of it all when I thought You were a thousand miles away not for a moment did You forsake me not for a moment did You forsake me CHORUS after all You are constant after all You are only good after all You are sovereign not for a moment will You forsake me not for a moment will You forsake me Verse 2 You were singing in the dark whispering Your promise even when I could not hear I was held in Your arms carried for a thousand miles to show Not for a moment did You forsake me CHORUS and every step every breath you are there every tear every cry every prayer in my heart at my worst when my world falls down not for a moment will You forsake me even in the dark even when it's hard you will never leave me after all CHORUS not for a moment will You forsake me


  1. Just found your blog via Pinterest and became a new follower (: I can totally relate to your post...we all have those times when what surrounds us seems more powerful than what God has planted within us. Keep looking forward, proclaim the promises He gives us in His word and walk on that water (; The task feels impossible, but with our eyes on Him we make it through stronger than we ever imagined (;

    Can't wait to come back for more posts...Hope you have a lovely week!!

    Michele xoxo
    The Homesteading Cottage

    1. Thank you so much Michele for your support and refreshing words. It's so nice to hear feedback from other sisters in Christ! I am trying to be more transparent on this blog and am hoping that in revealing some of my struggles I can be an encouragement to other women in their walk with the Lord. God is so good!

      Have a wonderful night!



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