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Happy Sunday all!  I just finished a little DIY project this weekend and I wanted to share how simple it is to paint letters onto wood surfaces.  The idea came from pinterest here but with a tiny tweak.  Jaime from That's My Letter was personalizing various items made out of wood but my item was a wooden sign already painted.  I liked the sign but wanted to change the coloring to better go with our home decor.  Here is the final result.

The project is actually pretty simple.  Using a ballpoint pen, trace the outline of each letter on your item.  Give enough pressure so the pen will indent the wood.  Since I wanted to keep the existing lettering but change the color of the sign I spray painted the sign a gray primer.  After the paint dried I then used a 1/4" flat paint brush and painted the letters white (inside the indent).  The indent should hold the paint if it is deep enough (like a little dam).  Since my sign wasn't smooth, I didn't get a good enough indent on the …