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Throwing 'round ideas

Happy Saturday all!  Here in the mountains for once it is overcast and cool outside (that is at 6am)!  Though I enjoy the heat, it's also nice to have a little break here and there.  Before I go outside into the coolness and get some yard work tidied up I wanted to share some ideas I've been having about paint.  Exterior Paint.  Our house needs a paint job.  Desperately.  So we're saving up for sometime next summer to tackle that project.  Below are a few color combos that I am loving.  Now I just need to narrow them down make a decision.  I am loving gray but I keep going back and forth between grays with blue undertones and purple undertones...
Sherwin-Williams® Anonymous Gray - SW 7046
Sherwin-Williams® Amazing Gray - SW 7044
 Stormy Monday 2112-50 by Benjamin Moore
I'm thinking this may be the accent color?
Stone 2112-40 by Benjamin Moore
This might be too dark?
Stone Brown 2112-30 by Benjamin Moore
Though I absolutely love the crisp white trim (which our home has right now) it seems to get dirty so fast!  I also love the idea of a white garage but hubby pointed out that with the amount of dust we have in our area, it would be filthy within a week. Sigh.  Maybe we could have the trim stay white and then paint the garage the main color to match?  We'll see.  Here is another gorgeous home.
Sherwin-Williams® Intellectual Gray - SW 7045
Exterior color: Dovetail by Sherwin Williams Trim: White Dove by Benjamin Moore VIA

Check out these color combos I put together from online.  They are all screen shots so sorry about the poor quality but you get the idea.
Option #1:  Ultra Pure White by Behr + Gray Area by Behr
Option #2:  Ultra Pure White by Behr + Pewter Mug by Behr
Option #3:  Pewter Mug by Behr + Dark Ash by Behr
To see more exterior color options, go to my pinterest board and check them out here.  Have a great weekend!