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Purse Organization Part 2

For the longest time I used to carry a messy purse.  I thought of myself as an organized individual but for some reason my purse was a chaotic mess!  I figured though the problem wasn't necessarily me but the purse I was carrying.  I have tried a thousand different types of purses (at one time I owned fifty, yes 50 purses in my closet) but have found one that I absolutely love and am excited to share it with you!  Here is the second edition to my purse organization.

Let's start off with my purse.  It's from the Simply Vera Wang collection exclusively from Kohls.  It was priced at $109.00 but I snagged it for $20.80!!!  Ha, I love sales!  It is an off-white/ivory color with an ever so slightly colored pink bow on both ends.  The single strap fits perfectly on my shoulder and is quite comfortable.  It also doesn't twist on me like a lot of straps do.  Because the purse is a neutral color, it will go with just about everything!  Gotta love that!
It is not a large purse by any means but it stores what I need most often.  On the days when I take only minimal items, I use my clutch to carry my id, cash, cell phone, keys and lip gloss.  Here is a sneak peek inside my purse.
I try to be somewhat of a minimalist and find that the larger the purse I carry, the more items get stuffed inside...receipts, shopping bags, make up, camera, contact solution etc.
Eye glasses holder, cell phone, sunglasses, keys, id, wallet/coin purse and zig zag pouch.  I also store the membership cards inside my coin purse.  Here are the contents of the pouch.
Inside the pouch includes tissues, a snack bar, pad of paper, lotion, eye drops, pen, hand sanitizer, mirror, chapstick and a silver scroll id case.  Not pictured would be my contacts holder that I also store in this pouch.  I may also store some feminine product inside the pouch on any given occasion.  What I like about the pouch is the fact that everything becomes tidy inside my purse because I don't have the small items hidden and eventually lost.  I hate digging through my purse to find chap stick.  Also, when I want to change purses to go with another outfit the switch takes about thirty seconds.

Take a peek inside the id case.
Lots of gum, bobby pins, hair ties and a purse hanger.

I store my work id inside the zipper pocket for quick access and my keys on one of the outside pockets.

To stay organized and tidy inside my purse, I daily take out receipts and food wrappers that have gotten shoved inside during the day.  Even if my world is in complete chaos, when my purse is tidy and organized, I feel better and in control.  Is that weird?

What's in your purse?