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Purse Organization Part 1

Hello bloggers and blogettes!  Today I want to share how I organize all of my store reward/membership cards.  It seems like every store on the planet has their own membership card and offer discounts for using such a card.  So, inevitably I have accumulated a stack of them!  They originally resided in my wallet but after the wallet got so thick I couldn't close the zipper, I had to find another solution.  I tried to stuff them in a change purse, but once I got up to the register I had to fumble through the cards and it was so inefficient...and a little embarrassing.

After a quick search on pinterest, I found this idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons. 
Why didn't I think of that???  How easy!  All you need are your cards, hole punch and a 1" book ring.
And of course they are alphabetized for even quicker access!  What do you think?  My cards are now placed in a side pocket in my purse so that I can grab and go super fast.  My next post I'll share with you what the inside of my purse looks like!  Have a great night!