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Girl Cave brief update

This weekend I had the pleasure of hitting up Target and perusing with my hubby.  We each purchased a pair of sunglasses and then I found a few other quick items on my never ending shopping list (hair mousse, surge protector, etc.).  The shopping list did include a new lamp shade update and an organizational solution to a problem I was having in my girl cave making my desk feel clean and tidy.

First the lamp.  I've had this lamp for years but rather than replace the existing lamp and spend a bunch of money I simply updated the lamp shade.  The cost came to roughly $13 and some change.
Secondly, the organizational problem.  A few months back, hubby built me a desk and I wrote about it here.  The idea was for him to install or cut a drawer out so that I could either use it for office supplies or for a keyboard tray.  Since the desk is a little high for the keyboard to be on top of the desk, the drawer will be used as a tray.  The problem is now what do I do with all of my supplies cascading the window sill?

Exhibit A:
Yes, all of the supplies are in easy reach, but the space is not aesthetically pleasing.  In keeping with the style, color and brand of my magazine holders in my bookcase (more about those later), I stuck with a 2 drawer tower (also from Target) to store my little office supplies.
It's just cardboard and very inexpensive ($6.99) but it has solved my problem.
I'm still working on painting my bookcase and soon I'll post about my canvas project (x3) that I'm working on for the empty wall in my girl cave.  More to come!  Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Great post! :) I'm new here- thought I would say hello and let you know that I adore your blog so far! Off to stalk the rest of your site... Have a wonderful week, sugar! xo

  2. Hi Kimmie! Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm not on here that often and am still trying to figure this whole blog thing out, but I'm having fun learning! I'm glad you posted on my page because now I have found your blog and am loving all of your posts! Have a great rest of the weekend! :)


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