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EAT sign painted update

Remember when I shared with you how excited I was to find the EAT letters here?  Well, about a month ago I decided to hang the letters on the wall and get them in a better viewing area.  So, I had them on the counter one night with my spray paint can ready to move them into the garage to paint the next day after work and look what I found in the garage?
Hubby already sprayed the letters before I got home from work!  How sweet!  So then I simply nailed in the sawtooth hangers on the back of the letters and hung them on the wall!  Well, let me correct myself.  I attempted to hammer in the tiny nails and didn't put them in straight so the hangers didn't line up.  Hubby came to my rescue and lined them up and hammered them in straight!
After measuring the space on the wall incorrectly the hubs came to my rescue again.  Wow (!), was I having a bad day and couldn't do the simple math?  He was such a gem and hung them on the wall for me.  *Sings "It's so nice to have a man around the house!"  That little one line song is from my Dad in case you're wondering.  :)
Have you spray painted anything lately?  Happy Friday!