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Bare wall in Girl Cave

Good evening all!  The day has been filled with lounging in my pjs, watching tv, drinking hot lemon and honey water and blowing my nose, a lot.  Oh yeah, and writing a few blog posts.  Tonight is traditionally date night but alas I am uber sick and will not be leaving the house.  Hubby is in the garage preparing bullets for reloading and getting ready to go shooting in the morning with his dad.

As I sit at my desk in my office/girl cave the wall directly to my left is completely bare.  There are a few thoughts floating in my head about how I want to fill up the space.  One thought is to fill the space with some empty frames.

Out of these three photos the second one is my favorite partially because the frames are white but also because there is one large frame encompassing all of the inner frames which to me makes it look sort of clean and tidy.  Plus buying cheapo frames from a thrift store would be such a steal!

Another thought is to create a DIY painted canvas design of some sort.



The first two photos showcase my idea of three canvases together spread out across the wall.  I am envisioning over the sleeper couch that will eventually go in the office.  Maybe a white and grey piece of canvas artwork?  Or maybe white and silver?  The second photo is the trendy chevron pattern which I like but my husband can't stand.  In the third photo instead of canvases the blogger used shoe boxes!  How creative and what a way to save some money!

What about framing fabric?  You could change out the fabric any time.  I would probably want to keep the frames all the same color though...

What about using puff paints to create a pretty design and then spray painting the entire canvas the same color?

Which design project would you pick?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Help?