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2011: A Year In Review

New Years Eve has always been a time of reflection on the past but more importantly looking forward to the coming year.  A time when we can think about the changes that we want or that we need and then resolving to follow through with those changes throughout the year.

2011 has brought a lot of change in my life.  While working full time, my husband and I took on the challenge of taking classes through the Institute of Theology by Extension and took over leadership of our church's college group.  Every Saturday we hosted INSTE at our home and the 2nd and 4th Sunday we hosted college group.  Though we have been extremely busy, God has blessed us with a home and we are so proud to share it and bless all who visit.  We also started doing P90X though had to quit when I got really sick.  In the past year, I have been sick seven, yes, you read that right, SEVEN times.

We have suffered tremendous loss this year at work and I am so hopeful that 2012 will bring some positive change!  God is faithful and I know that He is working and moving.

This year we did a lot of traveling over the mountains visiting family and what a blessed time we had.  In June my husband and I celebrated two years of marriage and we took a road trip to Glacier National Park.  In July we traveled to the Oregon coast for our annual family vacation.  We also did a lot of home improvement projects!  My husband built me some beautiful furniture for our home and is now enjoying rebuilding our classic car one piece at a time.  More on our Mustang later.

2011 has brought a lot of hardship but I am grateful that I have gone through it because I have become a stronger person.  I have had a few revelations and learned a tremendous amount about myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  My husband and I have grown in our marriage and are learning how to love and serve one another daily.  What a blessing that is!

So, 2011, I am still grateful for everything you have brought but I am hopeful for what 2012 will bring!

With the way this week has gone though I just hope we can stay awake for new years!  Haha!  Happy New Years Eve!