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The Girl Cave Inspiration Continues

Since the last post about my office inspiration, I have really thought about letting the office also become a spare bedroom for guests.  Once our current guest room becomes a future nursery, we'll need a place for my parents, in-laws, and friends to stay when they come to visit.  At first I was debating whether to purchase a chaise lounge to relax on (when I need to get some inspiration, or just for quiet time), or purchase some sort of a sleeper.  So far I'm thinking the latter would probably be more useful for guests not to mention more comfortable!  A standard bed, even a twin bed would take up too much space when the office is used strictly as an office, but something that can "transform" would work well.

Here are some inspirational photos I have been thinking about.

Here are a couple of chaise lounges, one chair and ottoman:

Check out these pillows that I've been loving!

 Did you notice I posted a deep purple accent pillow?  My accent colors are changing...  At first my accent colors were: charcoal grey/bright yellow/silver/black/white.  Doesn't that sound happy and cheerful?  Then I thought, "hey if this will be MY space why don't I make it a little girly?"  It will be the only place in the house where I can have sequins and sparkles!  And HOT PINK!?!?!?!

We'll see.  :)

What fun though!  I just love decorating and design!  So much to think about!  So, I'd better get back to it!

Happy Monday!