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Welcome miss Hannah!

Say hello to our dog Hannah!

She is our lovable golden retriever/lab puppy mix we got about a year and a half ago.  We got her when she was just a year and a half and we have really been enjoying her!  She loves people, no, she LOVES people...almost to a fault!  And she licks...everything...all the time.  We joke that she can't hold her licker.  When we give her a bone to chew she cries for an hour or longer (because she can't bury it in the house) and then starts playing with it like a cat: pouncing on it and flinging it up in the air.  She is the funniest dog and is miss high-energy!  We still have a lot of training to do, but we're slowly getting there on our own.  Check out these two videos.  Both are within the first month or so of getting her.

Excuse the backyard...this was just a few months after we moved into the house.

Notice how we're trying to be quiet because Daddy is sleeping on the couch?  I'm whispering "Hannah, go get your bone!"


Watching TV (Cesar Milan's the Dog Whisperer) at Grandma and Grandpa's house!  My Mom thought she was taking a picture and then realized she was making a video.  But, I wanted to share because Hannah is so intently watching the show, how cute!