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How to: Display Photos

House of Smiths
...or staircase!  Our staircase needed some TLC so we decided to spruce it up!  We bought a bunch of collage frames from the same company but in different sizes (from Kohls, all for 50% off!).  I found some helpful arrangement tips here.

How to:  Create a Gallery Display

Larger frames should be placed in the center to create a focal point.  Create a gallery or formal look by surrounding the frames with smaller frames and aligning the outer edges.

How to:  Create a Ledge Display

Display frames on shelves or ledges.  The frames in the group do not need to be the same.  Staggering and overlapping the frames keeps it interesting.

How to:  Create a Staircase Display

The upward angle of the frames should match the angle of the stairs. Again, larger frames should create the focal point with smaller frames acting as accents.  Notice how the corners of the smaller frames are placed in relation to the focal point (dotted line).

First Step:  We created a sketch of the staircase.
We did NOT create a paper template but decided to play it by ear...or sight.

It's funny.  You see these beautiful photo galleries in magazines and think "hhmm, that couldn't be that hard..."  You would be WRONG.  Or at least we were wrong.  If the frames are not measured correctly, the gallery can look messy and chaotic.  And we don't want THAT!

Our problem challenge is this: the lighting going up the stairs is not equi-distant to the rail and stairs!  We did measure, and remeasure a couple of times and put a few more holes in the walls than needed...

But, in the end, hubby did a great job and we are so happy with the result! 

Now, I just need to finish filling the frames!

Happy Decorating!



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