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Bridal Shower Games and Prizes


We played this game at a bridal shower I helped with a few weeks ago.  I decorated the clothes pins in the theme colors of the wedding (Teal, Lime Green and Gray).

When guests arrive to the party, each one is given a clothes pin and instructed NOT to mention the Bride's name, cross her ankles or cross her legs.  If someone catches another person saying her name, or crossing legs/ankles, they (the person that said her name) must give up their clothes pin to the "catcher."  At the end of the shower, the person with the most "pins" is declared the winner and WINS a prize.  This is a fun way of keeping the party interactive and helps people to relax a bit easier.


  • Clothes Pins
  • Pretty Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun


I helped with a bridal shower a few weeks ago and wanted everyone to share some advice for the bride to be.  The maid of honor had some pretty 3x5 notecards to be used and placed in a future scrapbook.  Each card had a different design on the one side and the other side was blank for the note.  The comments were so beautifully written and I was truly blessed by them!


We played this game at a bridal shower I attended a couple of years ago.  After you've been married for years, couples can almost finish each others sentences:  see if you can finish the common phrases below!

1.  A happy house is full of laughter
2.  Behind every great man is a successful woman
3.  True love conquers all
4.  When the going gets tough the tough gets going
5.  A stitch in time saves nine
6.  My house is your house
7.  The path of true love never runs smooth
8.  Variety is the spice of life
9.  Every man's home is his castle
10.  A watched pot never boils
11.  A penny saved is a penny earned
12.  Home is where the heart is
13.  Marriages are made in heaven
14.  If the shoe fits wear it


1.  Divide the guests into teams. The teams can consist of however many guests you feel appropriate.  Each team selects a "bride" to model the toilet-paper "dress."
2.  Distribute three or four rolls of toilet paper to each team.
3.  Set a timer for 20 minutes and instruct the teams to dress their "bride" in a "bridal gown," using only the rolls of toilet paper.
4.  After time is up, each team's bride will parade in front of the real bride-to-be, who will choose her favorite dress.
5.  Award a prize to each member of the winning team.

Bonus points if a team designs a veil and bouquet!


When the hostess says go, start answering the questions with words that start with one of these three letters.


_____   _____   _____

1.  Necessary trait for a husband
2.  Must have item on the honeymoon
3.  Qualities of a good marriage
4.  Men love
5.  Ways to propose
6.  Items in the Bride's/Groom's attire
7.  Songs about love
8.  Items newlyweds buy their 1st year of marriage
9.  Things at the reception
10.  Words used in a wedding ceremony
I used this game during a bridal shower a few weeks ago.  The gals seemed to really like this and they came up with some great answers...and a few naughty ones!  :)


Find out just how well your guests know about organizing a wedding by having them unscramble the following list of wedding related words. The first person to complete the unscrambling properly is the winner. If no one completes the list within a 10 minute time frame, the one with the most correct answers is the winner.

BDEIR  bride
WONG  gown
NPILUTSA  nuptials
ORGOM  groom
RDSADBIEMI  bridesmaid
AGMMNOORS  groomsman
SHRUE  usher
NOITPECER  reception
BOTUQUE  boquet
TRIMNOMYA  matrimony
GRATER  garter
NOMONEYOH  honeymoon
TSNIIIOVATN  invitation
LEVI  veil
GRINS  rings
EECYMNOR  ceremony
TACFONIIF  officiant
DUEXTO  tuxedo
EROATGRPHHOP  photographer
SOPROPAL  proposal
TOMANRIC  romantic
STIRF CANED  first dance
PEELO  elope
WNEEDSWYL  newlyweds


One of my girlfriends asked me to help with a bridal shower for a mutual friend and we decided that I would help with games and prizes.  The bride's colors are:  Teal, Lime Green, and Charcoal Grey.  I didn't get any photos of the prizes before I wrapped them (silly me) but I ended up going to HomeGoods and purchased a silver picture frame, a glass vase, and a glass serving platter.  The mothers of the bride and groom both won one of the games and I was so happy they received these gifts.  It was just perfect!  The large bag with tissue paper was my gift to the bride, a little pretty something from Victoria's Secret!